FAQ: QuestHaven
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1. Do I need VR?

No, you can play QuestHaven on your computer without using or needing Virtual Reality.

Last updated: April 08, 2022 09:29

2. Can I play with my friends on different devices?

Yes! You can play with your friends on PC or VR, our game will be cross play, and you only need to buy it once to play on any platform.

Last updated: April 08, 2022 09:29

3. Can I play _______ RPG system?

Yes! Well probably, if you can play it around a table with pen and paper, you will most likely be able to play it inside QuestHaven.

Last updated: April 08, 2022 09:29

4. What can I do in QuestHaven?

Our plans for QuestHaven are for it to include: • Build and track your character. • Defeat your enemies with the roll of a dice. • Design deadly maps to challenge your players. • Fill your dungeons with hordes of enemies. • Shape the world, sculpt mountains, control weather, set the time of day. • Set the mood: control music, and environmental sounds. • Take over your figure and roleplay. • Move your figure with the help of a grid, hex, or freely. • Measure the size of your fireball or cast it in a 4 by 4 room. • Make adventures happen!

Last updated: April 08, 2022 09:29

5. Will combat be automated?

We will have small amounts of automation but have made a purposeful decision to steer away from the constraints of a rigid system. From an early point in our development, we decided that we want players to approach QuestHaven as they would a game table in real life. In this way you can play whatever game you want, with the ruleset you choose, even if it’s homebrew.

Last updated: April 08, 2022 09:29

6. Will you have non fantasy settings?

We want to bring in more than just fantasy, from sci-fi aliens to cyber/punk to modern warfare or regular suburbia. With future updates we will include additional settings.

Last updated: April 08, 2022 09:29

7. How fast can I make a map?

It really depends on the level of detail you are going for, but our map creator is made with ease of use in mind, a good looking outdoors map can be made in less than 10 minutes. You can always pull in a map or dungeon created by someone else in seconds.

Last updated: April 08, 2022 09:29

8. Will there be matchmaking?

We want to implement a group finder where players can filter through and apply to games they might be interested in. We have no plans for automatic match making.

Last updated: April 08, 2022 09:29

9. Can I import my own models?

We chose low poly models to allow for high performance on standalone VR systems (like Oculus Quest 2). Because of that we will not be allowing users to upload models at launch.

In the future we look forward to having a curated process for uploading and sharing models with the entire community in the future through an in-game system. We want to make sure the models uploaded comply with performance and don’t break any rules (pornography, trademarked characters, etc.)

Last updated: April 08, 2022 09:29

10. Can I share maps?

Yes! This is one of the things we are most excited for, we are giving you, the player, great tools to create complex dungeons or large outdoor worlds. We can’t wait to see the worlds our players build and bring to life. While this is currently a stretch goal, it is a feature we will add regardless of how successful the campaign is, it might just take us more time.

If we hit the stretch goal, we will have this at launch. Otherwise it might just take us some more time, but we will be implementing this.

Last updated: April 08, 2022 09:29

11. As a content creator, can I bring my content to QuestHaven?

We want to enable content creators by having a marketplace for them to distribute and sell their content, from approved 3D models to full-fledged modules and content packs.

Post launch.

Last updated: April 08, 2022 09:29

12. Can I help test QuestHaven? (Early Access / Beta)

Kickstarter backers will be among the first to help us test the game in early access. Starting at the Pioneer tier will have access to the Map Maker, from the Explorer Tier onward each full copy of QuestHaven will have access to the full Beta.

We are aiming to get the early access to the map maker into you hands sooner rather than later (3-4 months after the Kickstarter ends). You will also be able to roll dice and move figures inside the map maker, so you could run a campaign by streaming to your friends!

We don’t have a date for the full Beta, but we expect it to be early to mid 2023.

Last updated: April 08, 2022 09:29

13. How is QuestHaven different from other VTT RPGs?

The main positive differentiator for QuestHaven is the size of the world and our world builder tools. Our worlds are large, a lot larger than a table, a lot larger than a room. You control an avatar who in reference to the world is a giant, but even at that scale we have gotten lost in some maps we’ve made.

We also have some cool world tools when it comes to switching the weather, wind, time of day, etc.

Lastly, but this is personal preference, we feel the art style we are using is very cohesive. Everything we are using meshes well together, which helps add to the immersion (even within a low poly art style).

Last updated: April 08, 2022 09:29

14. What is a QuestHaven Guest Pass?

Players will be able to purchase additional guest passes once the game launches. These passes are linked between two players, the host and the guest. The guest will only have access to their host’s campaigns and won’t have access to the map maker or GM tools. Guest passes can later be upgraded to full versions of the game at discount.

Last updated: April 08, 2022 09:29

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For the most up-to-date information about the status of our project, check our project updates on Kickstarter!
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